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Poultry Netting

Aniteck Wire Netting particular strengths lie in the fields of poultry netting and related materials, and is able to offer a range of products as following:

Hexagonal Mesh Poultry Netting, Straight Twisted;
Hexagonal Mesh Poultry Netting, Reverse Twisted;
Hexagonal Mesh Poultry Netting, Double Twisted;
Stucco Netting;
Chicken Netting;
Poultry Wire;

We produce poultry netting, also named hexagonal wire meshes as: electro gal. chicken wire before/after weaving; hot dip galvanized chicken wire before/after weaving; PVC coated chicken wire before/after chicken wire, mesh size from 3/8" until 4".

In production of poultry netting, chick wire, hexagonal mesh and other processed products, Aniteck follows the principles of quality system management according to internationally recognized standards of ISO 9001.

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We can also manufacture custom Hydraulic Hose upon client's requirements. Welcome to contact us.



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